PhD - Nutrition Lean Degree 120 Capsules

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PhD - Nutrition Lean Degree 120 Capsules

About Lean Degree : 120 Capsules

We are all searching for a fat-loss formula that works.

Whilst no one accepts that any fat-loss agent can perform miracles, we believe that each and every athlete has what it takes to create the body you’ve always wanted. Whilst certainly not being the definitive answer, Lean Degree™ makes it far easier for you. Of course you still have to do the training, grind out the reps, drag yourself through the cardio, but let’s face it, if we didn’t love it, we wouldn’t do it. All modern athletes share this self-same passion.

The new Advanced Thermo-System named Lean Degree™ from PhD Nutrition is the product that all of the individuals with the attitude and drive I speak about above have been waiting for. It’s no magic weapon, of that I can assure you. However, Lean Degree™ combines all the most potent, innovative and effective ingredients currently available to the sector and shakes them up into a formula that’s both highly-innovative and powerful, yet still safe to use whilst participating in any IOC tested sporting events. Lean Degree™ brings you a formula that does work and will continue to work as long as you are prepared to. When formulating Lean Degree™, PhD Nutrition had many decisions to make. As a new and innovative company we set ourselves a host of aims and objectives.

PhD aims and objectives when formulating Lean Degree™

1. Create a formula that offered thermogenic properties.

2. As a company that promotes the natural, healthy athletic lifestyle, PhD Nutrition were insistent upon creating a formula without ephedrine, ephedra, synephrine, Coleus Forskholi or any other banned medicinal herb. Yet still be highly-effective.

3. Include ingredients that may manage blood sugar levels, therefore helping to eliminate unhealthy food cravings.

4. Produce a formulation that allowed the body to cope with additional and undue stress levels that are brought upon by a low-calorie, weight-loss regime.

5. Create a formula that would work alongside an effective nutritional-plan and exercise program.

6. Ensure that Lean Degree would be suitable for both men & women.

Above all, safe yet effective.

It was of utmost importance that Lean Degree™ met all the criteria provided by the regulatory organisations in the UK. PhD Nutrition worked closely with the UK regulatory organisationsto ensure that all the ingredients within Lean Degree™ were suitable for those athletes who regularly undertake drug-tests. As PhD Nutrition endorse some of the UK’s best natural body builders and as a natural body builder myself, remaining lifetime drug-free is of the utmost importance to me. I am potentially submitted to numerous urine tests throughout the year during competition, therefore it’s of vital importance that Lean Degree™ contains no ingredients that would ever compromise my natural status.

Lean Degree™ is part of the PhD Nutrition Body Sculpt range and can be used successfully with all other PhD products.


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Nutritional Breakdown

Per serving [2 capsules)

Recommended Usage

Use PhD Nutrition’s Lean Degree for up to 2 servings daily [1 serving equals 2 capsules). When beginning the product, start with 1 serving daily, ideally used mid-morning or 30 minutes prior to exercise. When using 2 servings daily, use 1 serving upon waking and 1 serving 30 minutes prior to exercise. Do not exceed 3 servings daily. Do not use after 5pm.

Allergy Information

Not suitable for vegetarians.


60 servings- 30 days supply

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