MaxiNutrition - Promax Extreme [908g]

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MaxiNutrition - Promax Extreme [908g]

An advanced, whey protein shake with muscle-building nutrients to support rapid muscle growth, strength and recovery.

Promax Extreme includes a unique Biomax® blend of whey isolate, hydrolysates and peptides, providing ultra fast delivery of musclebuilding amino acids after every workout. Rich in the protein fraction BLG, Promax Extreme delivers high levels of branch chain amino acids [BCAAs) to your muscles. To ensure optimum muscle recovery and growth, Promax Extreme contains 5 grams of Glutamax® per day, in the superior peptide form. Promax Extreme is also high in leucine, an amino acid that researchers have found to play a vital role in supporting new muscle growth.

Promax Extreme contains a collection of seven unique ingredients, including high dosages of beta-ecdysterone, a plant used by strength and power athletes that could help increase muscle mass during training. The addition of creatine gives you the muscle-building punch you’d expect. And, if that wasn’t enough, a unique collection of the amino acid taurine, L-cysteine and chromium picolinate have all been added at significant levels.

Promax Extreme is available in delicious strawberry, banana, vanilla, orange or chocolate flavours and mixes instantly with water without the need for a blender. You can use it before training, after training, or whenever you need to boost your daily protein intake.

All of this makes Promax Extreme one of the most advanced protein products available for anyone who wants to achieve their muscle-building goals faster than ever. If you want lean whey protein with all the extras thrown in and almost zero carbs or fats – this is for you.

How Promax Extreme can help you

High in Biomax whey protein

Packed with 25g protein per serving to support lean muscle growth and recovery.

Maxpure® creatine

Includes the highest quality Maxpure® creatine monohydrate for increased strength and power.

Rich in Glutamax®

To aid muscle repair and recovery, Promax Extreme is rich Glutamax®. Glutamax® is considered by many nutrition experts to be essential to anyone exercising regularly. Glutamax® reduces the risk of overtraining as well as supporting your natural immune defences, one of the most important amino acids in muscle tissue.

BCAAs for growth and repair

Rich in Branched Chain Amino Acids [BCAAs) which are used for energy during exercise and play a key role in supporting muscle growth and repair.

Perfect for before and after exercise

Because it's digested so quickly, Promax Extreme is perfect for use before and after exercise. Studies show that protein taken at these times stimulates muscle growth more quickly than at any other time.

Muscle-building support nutrients

To further support your physique and sporting goals, Promax Extreme is loaded with a potent collection of popular ingredients currently availible including beta-ecdysterone [Suma extract), methoxyflavone and chromium picolinate.

Virtually lactose free

Our easy digesting formula is virtually lactose free and therefore suitable for people with lactose intolerance when mixed with water.


Recommended Use

Take 3 servings per day depending on your goals. One at breakfast, one after exercise and another between meals or where required. One serving = 1 x 30g scoop. Mix with 200ml cold water in a Fitness Ireland shaker.

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