Tested - Anti-Estro [120 Capsules]

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Tested - Anti-Estro [120 Capsules]

Tested Anti-Estro is the next big step in natural hormone support. Tested Anti-Estro contains proven anti-estrogens 9 oxo-xanthenes from HPLC Garcinia Mangostana. Tested Anti-Estro is also formulated with the testosterone activators Turnera diffusa (supplying acacetin) and Trigonella foenum-graecum (supplying Diosgenin). Tested Anti-Estro is thé product for those looking for rock solid lean muscle mass.

Tested Anti-Estro contains the correct scientific dosage per ingredient to make sure this product not only works perfect but is also perfectly safe. Tested Anti-Estro will help you get the physique you have always wanted.

- Contains proven anti-oestrogens 
- 9-OXO-XANTHENES and also testosterone activators
- Supplying acacetin and diosgenin
Whether brought on naturally, by the abuse of steroids, or sport nutrition test boosters Estrogen can promote and accelerate the development of breast cancer in women and cause men a number of health problems. In men, excessive estrogen can cause gynecomastia (enlargement and formation of female like breasts in men a.k.a. gyno/bitch-tits) by binding to estrogen receptors in the nipples area. 
Estrogen may also interfere with testosterone production in men and may cause libido (sex drive) problems. Other side effects of excessive estrogen include: water retention (edema), impotence (in men) and acne. 
The highest concentration of estrogen receptors in the body is found in the breasts and nipple area. That is the reason for potential gynecomastia problems in men and breast cancer in women. 
Tested Nutrition Anti-Estro works by binding to the estrogen receptors and by doing so, they prevent harmful estrogen from binding to these receptor sites.

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