Tested - GH Booster [60 Caps]

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Tested - GH Booster [60 Caps]

Tested GH Booster is a novel approach to increased athletic performance and well being. Tested GH Booster contains the clinical researched dosage of 450mg of Alpha Glycerol Phosphoryl Choline (A-GPC). This high dosage of A-GPC is critical for Tested GH Booster to work as effective as it does. After the very first serving you will know and feel how effective Tested GH Booster is. A-GPC is often called “the ultimate mind-muscle connection booster” and should be used by anyone wanting to increase explosive strength fast. Tested GH Booster has been clinically proven to work fast, effective and is considered a very potent product!

Tested GH Booster is the ideal product for anyone wanting to increase strength and muscle mass fast while increasing their sense of well being. 

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